Finances of Picking a Home Course

How do you decide which golf course to call your home?  If you live in the Twin Cities, MN you have almost 100 choices between public and private courses.  Things like Location, Cost and Course layout/conditions are going to be leading factors in that decision.  We all want the best, closest and cheapest, but that combination doesn't exist.    If you live in the eastern half of the Twin Cities you might want to consider Troy Burne in Hudson, WI  based on the best combination of those factors.

It is a top 5 course in the entire Metro, it is just a short drive across the river, and costs less than any private club.  If you want unlimited golf, they offer the Lehman pass (which is great if you live on the course or have unlimited time to golf), but if you are looking to keep your cost down and play there weekly, the Players card is a good deal.  It offers you between $10 and $30 off per round (depending on the time of year and day of the week).  Even after you pay the $199 for the card, it will pay for itself over 10 rounds.  Plus now you have a home course.  Also if you decide you want to play somewhere else, you won't feel guilty since you aren't losing money by playing somewhere else.

It really becomes a math problem, how many rounds will you play?  How much are you willing to spend?  In comparison to a private membership, you are saving 1000's.  Plus Troy Burne tops most private courses in conditions and layout.  You really can play the best for less.

I look forward to calling Troy Burne my home course for 2014!

Here is the math for 20 rounds:

  • Private Courses:  $3,000 initiation + +250 per month = $4,000 (minimum)
  • Local "Comparative" Courses: $45-$85 per round =$900-$1,700
  • Troy Burne Rack Rate: $80 per round = $1,600
  • Troy Burne Player's Card: $199 initiation + $57 per round = $1,350

    For more information: www.troyburne.com_

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